Elements and assasins
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Elements and assasins

In a world where a war is going on between the people with powers and elementals against DNA upgraded with DNA from all species of Cats or Wolves. Pick a side, create you're character, and unite or seperate the peoples....endless possibilities...
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PostSubject: Start here.....   Start here..... I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 14, 2009 10:37 am

Add a character....

Character creation rules

1.must be some what discriptive.

2.don't go over board.....

3.please don't cuss ,and be realistic but not explicit.

OUTLINE: (copy this and paste in new topic)

Name:(actual made up name like) example:jane redwood or codename Kelsa)
Age:(be realistic)(13-30)
Kind:(human,elemental,DNA enhancement,or other power.)
Weapon:(one weapon that's used most) (discriptive please!)
face body description: (or pic)

Likes and dislikes:

Brief history:
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